Drive motion

We have precise technical data on any type of vehicle runs on the roads of Greece today.

If the flywheel, the disc and the clutch plate, are not made out of high quality materials with top level durability then it is most likely that the vehicle will lose power and at the same time the clutch pedal will function hardly and with great difficulty turning driving into a very tedious operation.

The gearbox is literally the energy conversion of the engine’s power into mechanical motion. Is the velocity convertor coming from the engine and going to the wheels.

Any vehicle regardless if it has an automatic or manual gearbox has a clutch or more precisely clutches.

The drive of all vehicles depends on the condition of the clutch and the excellent grip of the disk and the flywheel.

The gearbox, the shaft, the differential, the cross joints of the differential and the rubber brackets must also be from high quality materials to ensure the smooth and safe drive of all vehicles.
Our company cooperates only with certified manufacturers with guaranteed quality and performance for all the products they produce and

Products of this category

  • Cearbox bases
  • Gear shifter cover
  • Oil for automatic gearbox
  • Clutch disc
  • Clutch fan
  • Clutch kit
  • Flywheel
  • Clutch Bearings
  • Upper & Lower pump of clutch