French manufacturer of starters and alternators, suitable for every type of vehicle, such as agricultural vehicles, cars, trucks, excavators and ships.

The range also features pulleys and bearings for alternators together with spare parts for starters and alternators.

More information about this company can be found in its website

Spanish manufacturer of spare parts of trucks, trailers and buses.

The product range includes the following:

  • air compressors
    bellows for brakes
    air valves for handbrake and roll
    clutch pumps
    water pumps
    automatic regulators
    electric spiral
    clutch bearings
    brake caliper set
    Since 2010 the group of AIR FREN has another brand the “BRAKVE” which satisfies the needs of ita distribution channel for: break pads, air-bellows, mercurials and others.More information about this company can be found in its website

The AMT is a German exporter based in Hamburg, who has original and aftermarket parts for all types of vehicles.
With a quick browse at his website you can understand that he cooperates with the most of the leading companies in the field of motoring. His range also includes chemicals and lubricants from many famous brands.

More information about this company can be found at its web site

DINEX is a Danish manufacturer for integrated exhaust systems and technology for emissions of trucks, buses and light commercial vehicles (LCV).

Is an official trade-partner of many automakers offering solutions for mufflers with EURO IV & V technology.

More information about this company can be found at its website

The Fischer & Plath is a German company which manufactures washers, gaskets and sump plugs of all types.
Its products can be found individually and also in a set.

More information about the company can be found and its website

The FLENNOR is a German company, member of the “Walther Flender Group” specialized in spare parts for engine timing (belts, tensioners and timing set) steering, wheel bearings, wipers, fuel pipes, warm ups, sensors, shock absorbers and brake parts.

It has a great range for all types of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (LCV).

More information about this company can be found at



To become a global market leader you need excellent customer relationships, built on sustainable performance. With our hydraulic clutch actuation systems, we are proud to have accomplished this.
German engineering has made us a preferred development partner to the international automotive industry, with our own R&D department and test lab.

An expert in brake and clutch hydraulics, we develop, among other things, our own rubber formulations to precisely meet the technical specifications and requirements of the respective vehicle components.
Our range of spare parts for passenger cars comprises more than 7,000 brake and clutch components for nearly 28,000 vehicle models – all of them in best OEM quality.

Consequently, in the field of clutch hydraulics we cover 95% of all European vehicle types, with a steadily growing product portfolio. For newly launched models, we offer the eligible spare parts within just twelve months. Knowing that you will only be satisfied when your own customers are, we have created a service offering to fulfill all requirements of the spare parts market: from competent advice to the latest information about our product innovations, portfolio and availability via TecCom to technical and sales trainings to an expert hotline and 24 – 48 hours delivery.

GEMO is a German manufacturer for flexible cables.

These products find applications in the following areas:

in manufacturing
to auto-mobility (first installation and aftermarket)
in agricultural machines
in aircraft
in medical equipment
in home appliances
in telecommunications
in engineering and in many other applications.
More information about this company you will find at

“JBM from Spain, your supplier of workshop tools and equipment”

With over 18 years of experience in the import and marketing of products for distribution in various sectors: automotive, hardware-DIY, industrial supplies, workshop equipment ...



More information you can find on the website:

is a German based trade company for electrical, electronical and mechanical automotive spare parts, which was founded in 1983.

The range includes spare parts for starters and alternators (carbon brushes, brush holders,overrunning pulleys, …), engine management components (ignition parts, MAF, fuel pumps,valves…)and bearings. Under the trade mark GeBe IKA Germany distributes over 7.000 components and parts to about 500 customers in over 60 countries.

You know there’s Quality inside.

More information about this company can be found at

The Monark Diesel GmbH is a German company which specializes in the manufacture and supply of spare parts for electrical and fuel systems for trucks, for cars, and of all kind of engines.

With over 60 years experience in the field of spare parts offers quality products meeting the market requirements.

More information about this company can be found at

The Nissens is one of the best known manufacturing companies for cooling systems which are suitable for all vehicles (vans – passenger cars) and for industrial use.

It is based in Denmark and within its rich product range are:

water coolers
air coolers(intercooler)
oil coolers
air condition coolers
radiators coolers
air condition compressors
More information about this company can be found at

The NPR Europe GmbH (formerly SM) is a Japanese manufacturer of springs for pistons, crankshaft and connecting rod bearings and pistons.

Produces products for all types of vehicles and for industrial use as well. It is an important partner of many automakers and more specifically we are ccoperating with the European part of NPR which is based in Germany.

More information about this company can be found at

The PORTEX-FLAG Handelsges.mbH, is a German company which specializes in the production and supply of spare parts for all types of vehicles. More specifically offers starters, alternators and their components, switches, relays, spark plugs, warm ups, transformers, fuel pumps, spare parts for the petroleum supply system (nozzles, pressure valves), gaskets for the engine and the gearbox and caskets – toolboxes.

Within the company’s product range you can find the Herzog nozzles.

More information about this company can be found at

The Siegfried Templin GmbH & Co. KG is a German company specialized in manufacturing and developing subsystems for vans, trucks and light commercial vehicles with more than half a century of experience.

It offers a full range of parts for:

wheel and air

More information about this company can be found at

The Trucktec Automotive GmbH is a German company that specializes in distributing fast selling spare parts for trucks (mainly Mercedes and MAN), for LCV (Sprinter, VITO & Transporter) as well as for passengers cars (Mercedes, VW, BMW).

More information about this company can be found at

The Odelo Deutschland GmbH ULO Aftermarket, is a German manufacturer of mirrors, rear lights and LED lights, mainly for passenger vehicles.

Is a direct business partner of many famous automakers like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, VW, EVOBUS, IVECO, MAN, for the first placement.

More information about this company can be found at

The CSN Wichmann GmbH is a German company which manufactures center drive shafts for all vehicles.

It also manufactures drive shafts for industrial uses.

In its product range are included quality spare parts such as:

differential triangles (lambda)
bracket bases
shaft ends

More information about this company can be found at

MOFIN Deutschland

experience in Oil since 1905


First-class engine oils, lubricants or antifreeze are a matter of trust. Anyone who is looking for the right product for their high-quality vehicles and systems knows this. After all, these chemical products must meet the highest performance requirements and current specifications in all their properties.


MOFIN Germany, your strong partner for
Engine oils – Lubricants – Antifreeze – Chemical products

GEMO …einfach Kraft an jeden Punkt
GEMO is one of the leading organizations in Europe who develops, constructs and
produces flexible shafts and control cables.
With six production sites and about 900 employees, GEMO is globally represented
on the European, Asian and North American continent and can support each market
timely and competitively with high quality products.
Under direction of the headquarters in Krefeld/Germany, all manufacturing sites work
according to ISO/TS 16949 standards. Within the German sites, Krefeld and Berlin,
R&D, administration and logistics are located for the entire GEMO group; additionally,
Krefeld continues its own production.
Flexible shafts and control cables are components for electromechanical power
transmission. Applications vary from, e.g. emergency cables for pantographs of high
speed trains, shafts for vertical adjustments of domestic appliances (sockets) or
elements within medical engineering such as brachytherapy.
Key user, above all, is the automotive industry, i.e. helix cables for roof opening and
shading systems as well as flexible shafts for seat or steering adjustments.
GEMO is a TOP-brand for national and international automotive dealers of spare
parts, such as handbrake cables, clutch cables, accelerator cables to name just a
view. Focus remains on the European brands. Besides, GEMO still manufactures the
classical tachymeter cables and develops innovative standards within a niche market.

Metzger Autoteile

We are a family business, which attaches great importance to partnership and team spirit within the company, as well as to cooperating with our customers and suppliers.

Customer orientation, motivation and continuity are not just keywords, but they are also part of our corporate philosophy, which is supported by more than 125 skilled and motivated employees.

Continuous communication within the team as well as with our suppliers and an accurate market research guarantee a stable, high quality and attractive range of products.

Having developed an export department a few years ago we are now selling globally.

We are proud of the training and specialization of the highly skilled Metzger staff. As a result, we recruit and train the next generation.

With our new company building we set the course for a healthy future.